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The “how” behind shorter cycle times with Tru-D iQ

Tru-D iQ Tower in Action

Recently, we wrote about the history behind the innovation of the Tru-D iQ system and how Tru-D SmartUVC took the voices of our customers into consideration when we developed the new product portfolio. One aspect of disinfection that we wanted to address with the iQ system is cycle time. While

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Posted 05.25.23
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Disinfection, General Disinfection, PDI, Tru-D News, Tru-D Technology

History behind innovating the Tru-D iQ system

Tru-D iQ System for UVC Disinfection

Since launching the first automated, no-touch UVC disinfection device in 2007, Tru-D SmartUVC has collaborated with and listened to customers’ feedback in order to not only continuously improve the customer experience but also to help innovate the next generation of UVC-dosing devices. With more than a decade of real-world use

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Posted 05.18.23
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