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Tru-D Kills Germs at Bon Secours St. Mary’s

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Posted 02.07.18
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A New Superbug Has Arrived, But It Can’t Withstand UV


A new superbug, resistant to antibiotics, has been discovered. While this is a major cause for concern for health care professionals and patients alike, there is good news— UV disinfection is universally fatal to organisms, including this new strain of E. coli.  UV light is destructive to DNA and RNA. If you

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Posted 06.14.16
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Where Do Pathogens Hide in Hospital Rooms?

Lurking ‘superbugs’ take refuge in these top 10 spots An estimated 100,000 Americans die annually from health care-associated infections, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That’s more than the death toll from AIDS, breast cancer and car accidents combined. Despite this alarming statistic, many Americans still view

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Posted 09.06.13
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UV Disinfection Technology Combats Superbugs

The premier international publication for clinical news in the hospital industry, HospiMedica International, wrote a feature on Tru-D and it’s ability to quickly and efficiently disinfect the hospital environment. To view the enitre article click here. – See more at: http://www.tru-d.com/news/uv-disinfection-technology-combats-superbugs/#sthash.Cj5EjIh5.dpuf

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Posted 07.02.13
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