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The Science behind Shadows and Measured UVC Dosing

tru-d at st francis

The Tru-D® device's cornerstone for success is the power to measure the proper UVC dose needed for thorough room disinfection, resulting in the ability to disinfect in both direct (line-of-sight) and indirect (shadowed) areas. A disinfecting dose of UVC is a function of time and intensity. The Tru-D device’s  technology will never compromise

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Posted 01.09.23
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General Disinfection, Layered Approach

Happy EVS Week! Meet the top Tru-D Device Users


During EVS week, we want to thank our Tru-D device operators who work tirelessly to ensure the cleanest healthcare environments possible! Meet our Top 5 users in terms of the number of Tru-D device cycles performed this year. The EVS team at Children’s Mercy Adele Hall Campus has been hard at work along

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Posted 09.12.22
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Tru-D Program Helps Elevate Staff Skill Sets, Empowers Employees to be “Heroes”

South Florida Baptist Hospital

Oneida Health System invested in the Tru-D technology in 2016. The Tru-D technology is used in Oneida’s operating rooms at end-of-day cleaning as well as in other areas of the hospital. “Our cleaning efforts are further enhanced by the use of Tru-D, a state-of-the-art ultraviolet light system which reflects throughout

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Posted 03.14.22
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The Tru-Difference: The Tru-D Device’s Network Topography

Tru-D Portal

In the first part of this blog series, we discussed how to build a culture of UVC within your facility. In this post, we will share how the Tru-D team uses the device’s network topography to track utilization and success. The Tru-D device delivers your disinfection data automatically to your

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Posted 02.16.22
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Disinfection, General Disinfection, PDI, Tru-D News, Tru-D Technology

Don’t just check off the box when it comes to enhanced UVC disinfection

Tru-D_2018 Device_noBkg

When investing in enhanced UVC disinfection technology, it’s important to make smart purchasing decisions and understand the technology as well as the science behind its effectiveness. Some UVC disinfection methods rely on a fixed cycle time and/or multiple positions around the room which can lead to inefficient disinfection and missed

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Posted 01.05.22
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