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The Tru-Difference: Customer Support and Service at Your Fingertips

San Juan Utahna 1

Be sure to read parts one and two of this series to learn how to build a culture of UV within your facility as well as how the Tru-D SmartUVC team helps track the utilization and success of your disinfection program. Your investment in Tru-D technology shows your commitment to

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Posted 02.22.22
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Disinfection, Tru-D News

Investing in a cleaner health care environment: Abbeville General

tru-d at st francis

Abbeville General in Louisiana recently invested in the Tru-D disinfection robot to help ensure the cleanest environment possible for its patients and staff. “The Tru-D robot will provide an added layer of defense against microorganisms and ensure that our facility is as clean as possible,” said Michelle Glatter, RN, BSN,

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Posted 03.10.21
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