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The Futility of Disinfecting Floors

Today’s post is from Cathy Campbell, Director of Program Management for Tru-D SmartUVC. You may have seen the recent study in AJIC 45(2017)336-8, Are hospital floors an underappreciated reservoir for transmission of health care-associated pathogens?  In summary, it’s what all ES Professionals know – floors are contaminated, and pathogens can

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Posted 08.16.17
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What is UV Disinfection and Why Does it Work?

Think of the last time you were in a hospital environment, either for yourself or a loved one. You assume and hope the room and facility are germ-free. You are under the impression that you are receiving the highest level of quality and care possible to help cure whatever issues

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Posted 03.09.16
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Hospitals See Increasing Need for Enhanced Cleaning Technologies

Health care-associated infections (HAIs) have been a topic of conversation for decades. However, with the more recent discovery of multidrug-resistant organisms such as C. diff, MRSA and VRE, the need to reduce the incidences of these pathogens has been elevated. Hospitals are now challenged with not only effectively and efficiently

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Posted 03.03.16
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Hospitals Reduce Financial Burden, Improve HAI Rates Faster with Multiple Tru-D SmartUVC Robots

Reports have shown that hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) are costing hospitals more than $33 billion annually. Additionally, on average one in 25 patients acquires an HAI while being treated. As a result, many hospital leaders are looking for tools, such as Tru-D SmartUVC, that promote patient safety and ensure high reimbursement

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Posted 11.06.14
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