The Importance and Hierarchy of Research Studies

Posted by Tru-D SmartUVC 07.07.16

When making a large investment in a product, consumers should always read and consult with outside opinions and experts. In the case of UV disinfection, the most valid and credible information stems from third-party, independent studies and validations with no conflicts of interest. Hospital staff, infection preventionists and other personnel should ensure a product’s efficacy is proven by outside research and studies, without any internal influence from the manufacturer or retailer.

Choosing a Product

When investing in any product for your hospital, consider the following:

  • Did they use the correct analysis for their study design?
  • How strong was the design?
  • Does the data show correlation or causation?
  • If there is a conflict in study results, which is stronger?

Hierarchy of Studies

hierarchy of research studies

There are many types of validations and information available ranging from small-scale, before-and-after studies to large-scale, controlled randomized studies. While all can be beneficial in their own right, the rarest and most influential type of study other than a systematic review is a randomized clinical trial.

Tested. Trusted. Tru-D.

Tru-D SmartUVC takes pride in the science and research behind our product. With more than 15 independent studies on Tru-D including the only randomized, clinical trial on UV-C disinfection, Tru-D is backed by science as well as the industry’s top research facilities. Check out Tru-D’s studies here.

Posted 07.07.16
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