The Role of the Environment in Disinfection

Posted by Tru-D SmartUVC 01.04.17


According to Marsha Barnden (2016) in the most recent AORN Journal, “’No-touch’ technology is swiftly changing the health care landscape, with continual advances in ultraviolet and visible light disinfection.” She continues stating, “No technology can take the place of manual cleaning and disinfection, but this emerging technology may be an option for supplemental cleaning in the future” (p. 528).

Over the past decade, researchers have concluded that manual disinfection is inadequate for terminal room disinfection.  According to studies, more than 50% of health care surfaces are not properly disinfected, leaving behind pathogens that increase the risk of infection by 39 – 353% for the next patient who enters the room (Rutala, et al 2016).  In fact, according to Jefferson, et al (2011), on average, only 25% of targeted surfaces in 71 operating rooms had been properly cleaned.

Tru-D’s measured dosing capability has been validated to significantly improve disinfection when added to standard cleaning protocols. Recently, in a presentation at IDWeek 2016, Microbial Load on Environmental Surfaces: The Relationship Between Reduced Environmental Contamination and Reduction of Healthcare-Associated Infections, researchers concluded that, “Comparing the best strategy with the worst strategy (i.e. Quat vs Quat/UV) revealed that a reduction of 94% of epidemiologically-important pathogens led to a 35% decrease in colonization/infection.”

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Posted 01.04.17
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