Tru-D donates UVC disinfection device to Church Health

Posted by Tru-D SmartUVC 03.27.20

IMG_3958Amid the chaos and confusion of the current COVID-19 pandemic, health care providers are feverishly working to maintain the highest levels of cleanliness and disinfection possible in order to prevent the spread and transmission of all types of diseases.

In addition to acute care facilities, non-profit clinics across the country are seeing an influx of patients who may or may not have access to health care.

Church Health, also located in Tru-D’s headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee, is a non-profit organization that provides comprehensive health care and health services to individuals with little or no access to health care. In the past year alone, Church Health had 62,861 patient encounters.

In addition, Church Health has extended training, education and outreach to countless individuals and organizations with the goal of fostering physical, emotional and mental well-being among patients, participants, families and the community at-large.

Ultimately, Church Health provides care for some of the most vulnerable members of the Mid-south community.

In order to help Church Health advance its mission to provide impeccable patient care, Tru-D donated a unit to the facility to help provide an extra layer of protection for patients, in addition to its manual cleaning protocols, strict hand-washing and antibiotic stewardship.

“Tru-D and PDI Healthcare are proud to support the Church Health Center by providing this technology to help ensure a cleaner environment for its patients,” said Chuck Dunn, president of Tru-D SmartUVC. “Church Health provides critical services to our community’s most vulnerable patients, and Tru-D will play a role in helping to improve patient outcomes through ensuring a germ-free environment.”

PDI Healthcare recently acquired Tru-D to provide facilities with a holistic, layered approach to infection prevention.

IMG_3959The specific unit that Church Health has received was one of nine Tru-D robots used between 2012-2014 in the first and only randomized clinical trial on UVC disinfection which was funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and conducted throughout the Duke Infection Control Outreach Network.

“We have a whole new level of confidence among our medical staff, especially after we see respiratory patients,” explained Randy Kostiuk, community engagement and outreach manager at Church Health. “This is a terrific addition to our already diligent cleaning. And on top of that, members of the Tru-D team spent more than an hour demonstrating how to use the Tru-D machine. They treated us like loyal customers—and this is a donation! All of us are extremely grateful for the donation and for this new partnership.”

The Benefits of Enhanced Terminal Room-Disinfection study (BETR-D) showed that Tru-D can to reduce bioburden and epidemiologically-important pathogens by 94%, which has been shown to result in a 35% reduction in colonization and infections in hospital settings with 93% compliance of standard disinfection protocols. Individual hospital results may vary.

Learn more about what Church Health is doing amid the COVID-19 pandemic here.

For more information on Tru-D’s technology, click here or e-mail info@tru-d.com.

Posted 03.27.20
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