Tru-D Removes the Guesswork from Room Disinfection

Posted by Tru-D SmartUVC 03.01.17

Tru-D is operated from a remote control outside of the room. Its intuitive controller is user-friendly and allows for complete documentation of the disinfection process. During the disinfection cycle, Tru-D automatically uploads disinfection data to a secure  portal allowing administrators to track Tru-D usage including specific pathogen data, room number, operator and cycle times.

Tru-D provides visual data, assuring users that a room has been properly disinfected. Real-time reports are customizable, and the concise graphics and exportable spreadsheets put critical data directly in the hands of operators and administrators. Tru-D takes the guesswork out of UV room disinfection.


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Posted 03.01.17
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