TRU-D SmartUVC Serves on Panel in New York Participates in closing bell ceremony at NASDAQ

Posted by s2ndesign-admin 10.09.14


Dr. Jeffrey Deal and Chuck Dunn were able to share our innovative technology to thousands this week as part of a LiveStream broadcast and high level panel discussion at the New York Palace Hotel on Tuesday, Sept. 23. The panel included dignitaries from around the world, the UN Foundation, the CDC Foundation, and many more and was hosted by The Center for Global Health and Diplomacy. The panel discussed the Ebola crisis and major issues surrounding the outbreak during a special session, “Mobilizing a United Corporate and Communications Response to Contain Ebola.” Chuck Dunn was able to demonstrate TRU-D during the panel time.

For full coverage of the event, the link below will take you to the panel recording for “Mobilizing a United Corporate and Communications Response to Contain Ebola” and you can see Dr. Deal speak at 20:05 and Chuck Dunn is invited up to speak about TRU-D at 50:30.
Posted 10.09.14
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