Tru-D Used in Preventing New Drug-resistant Fungal Infection

Posted by Tru-D SmartUVC 11.08.16


Federal officials last Friday issued an alert to the medical community to watch for a strain of yeast infection that is particularly hard to diagnose. Candida auris is a globally-emerging, invasive, multidrug-resistant fungus. Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Jersey was one of the first hospitals to report a case of the infection, but says it has not had any additional cases since a patient was treated there in 2015. Part of its infection prevention protocols to keep the fungal infection out of its hospital include the use of Tru-D.

“During this period, hospital staff exercised contact isolation precautions while caring for the patient. Contact isolation precautions include wearing gowns and gloves while caring for the patient, practicing good hand hygiene, limiting the use of specific equipment to the patient on isolation, and disinfecting all equipment that is used in the patient’s room,” the hospital’s statement indicated. “In addition, following a high-risk patient’s discharge, the room is disinfected using Tru-D ultraviolet technology.”

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Posted 11.08.16
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