Tru-D’s Program Management Team Helps Hospital Facilities Implement Tru-D Seamlessly

Posted by Tru-D SmartUVC 08.03.16

Today we have a guest post from Tru-D’s Director of Program Management, Cathy Campbell.

Cathy Campbell UV Disinfection Tru-D SmartUVCTru-D SmartUVC’s Program Management Team (PMT) works together with our clients to build a customized UVC Enhanced Disinfection Solution and initiate the engagement of a multidisciplinary team who will ultimately drive the successful Enhanced Disinfection Program at each facility. The PMT supports the initiation of Collaborative Analysis to determine facility needs for HAI reduction which includes determination of the number of devices and labor required through the strategies of Program Execution (i.e., the planning and preparing through the implementation and post work to measure outcomes).

The PMT represents Tru-D SmartUVC on a local, regional and national basis; consulting with our clients to coordinate customized and standard practices and supporting customer communication strategies that streamline seamless implementation processes. The PMT supports the ongoing review of program compliance in customer sites and evaluates operational excellence and service quality throughout implementation and beyond.  Tru-D’s PMT is prepared to study and understand regional HAI infection trends and provide data analysis. Finally, this team provides ongoing coaching and experienced advice on process and operations improvement. 

To learn more about Tru-D’s Program Management team, e-mail info@tru-d.com.

Posted 08.03.16
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