UV Disinfection Technology Becoming More Widely-adopted

Posted by Tru-D SmartUVC 01.11.17



The pioneer in the UV disinfection industry, Tru-D SmartUVC placed the first UV robot in a health care facility in 2007.  With a commitment to innovation and excellent customer experiences, today Tru-D, short for “total room ultraviolet disinfection,” is deployed in hundreds of health care facilities. Tru-D’s basis of scientific evidence and widespread adoption throughout prestigious hospital systems continues to drive market acceptance of UV disinfection technology.

The most recent issue of the AORN Journal mentions the use of UV technology in several articles, demonstrating that the technology is becoming more widely-adopted. “Researchers are evaluating the efficacy of ultraviolet light and hydrogen peroxide vapor for disinfection as a supplement to manual cleaning, which can potentially disinfect surfaces in a short period of time,” said Maureen Spencer in her article, “Review of Recent Issues and Advances in Infection Prevention.”

Further, Marsha Barnden states, “‘No touch’ technology is swiftly changing the health care landscape, with continual advances in ultraviolet and visible light disinfection,” in an article titled “Disinfection and Sterilization: Emerging Trends and Technologies.”

And lastly, Barbara DeBaun in  her article, “Looking Forward– Infection Prevention in 2017,” noted that, “Currently, several automated surface decontamination systems are commercially available. Researchers are studying the effectiveness of automated systems such as ultraviolet-C…”

To read more about UV disinfection and Tru-D’s unique technology, click here.

Posted 01.11.17
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