What is DICON?

Posted by Tru-D SmartUVC 09.17.15

As the Tru-D SmartUVC LLC team anxiously awaits the results of the $2 million Centers for Disease Control-funded study Benefits of Enhanced Terminal Room-Disinfection (BETR-D), executed by the Duke Infection Control Outreach Network, we would like to share some helpful information and background on its history through a series of blog posts over the next few weeks. In this post, we’ll explain what DICON means.

DICON was founded in 1998 at Duke University School of Medicine. Since then, researchers from both Duke and The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, have come together to investigate multiple strategies to prevent healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). As an epicenter, research expertise and resources were brought together through DICON, and thanks to an endowment, it has grown to provide services to a network of more than 40 community hospitals in five states.

In addition to enhanced terminal room disinfection (think Tru-D), DICON researchers are studying the clinical and molecular epidemiology of multidrug-resistant organisms; epidemiology and prevention of HAIs; methods and definitions for surveillance of HAIs; and a quality improvement collaborative to improve outcomes of critically ill patients.

To learn more, check out this video overview on DICON.

The BETR-D study is the first and only randomized control study on infection reduction for any no-touch disinfection method and is specific only to Tru-D’s method of accurately measuring UVC dose. Randomized control provides the epidemiologically correct approach, delivering the gold standard in a clinical study. DICON and the CDC selected Tru-D because it was proven in 12 third-party validations to consistently deliver a baseline of disinfection regardless of room configuration. Tru-D uniquely eliminates human error and disinfects shadowed areas requiring only one placement in the room.

Stay tuned for more on the BETR-D study!

Posted 09.17.15
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