Tru-D is committed to safety & UVC efficacy.

Low pressure mercury vapor lamps provide the most efficient delivery of UVC energy for use in the health care environments. Tru-D’s bulbs are as safe as any low pressure mercury vapor fluorescent bulb in your facility and pose no danger to staff or families.


Total room disinfection utilizing safe, efficient UVC germicidal bulbs

Tru-D bulbs use ultra-low levels of mercury vapor that are consistent with modern fluorescent and compact fluorescent bulbs used throughout buildings around the world. The minute, invisible mercury vapor content is always encapsulated within the bulb; no mercury byproduct is emitted by the bulbs. Tru-D bulbs are manufactured by Philips Healthcare. 

Tru-D SmartUVC uses Philips Low Pressure UVC lamps in a single ended U-tube configuration consistent with modern compact fluorescent lamp designs. Our bulbs contain the same small trace amounts of mercury as CFL bulbs and fluorescents, less than 1/100th of the amount in a mercury thermometer. 

Philips Healthcare is a member of Practice Greenhealth and has received their esteemed Champion for Change award for two consecutive years for assisting their customers in improving environmental performance. Click here to read more.

Clarification Re: Veterans Affairs Hospital System Directive 7706

In July 2016, the Veterans Affairs Hospital System issued a memorandum to clarify its mercury reduction initiatives in relation to UV disinfection technology. The memo clearly states “… any device that uses low mercury content fluorescent bulbs should not be excluded from consideration based on the bulbs.” And “… VHA Directive 7706 should not be considered as a limiting factor in the selection process” when choosing equipment with low mercury content fluorescent bulbs.


Validated by third-party research.

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