Listen to the Experts

Health care experts are talking increasingly about Tru-D and its proven ability to kill harmful pathogens that put patients at risk. Below are videos highlighting how Tru-D works and why the robot is leading the way in infection prevention technology.

Demo of Tru-D SmartUVC

News Tribune Segment

Houston Methodist, Houston, Texas

Robot uses ultraviolet light to increase patient safety at Houston Methodist.

Bon Secours Virginia Health System Deploys Tru-D

Six of the five-foot robots are now in use at several Bon Secours hospitals in Richmond, including three at St. Mary’s Hospital, one at St. Francis Medical Center and one at Memorial Regional Medical Center, as well as one at Mary Immaculate Hospital in Newport News, Va.

Tru-D Robots Protect Patients at Bon Secours

“The acquisition of this technology is simply another way that we’re working to protect the integrity of our health care environment, and ultimately safeguard the well-being of every single patient who walks through our doors,” said Khiet N. Trinh, M.D., chief medical officer, Bon Secours St. Mary’s Hospital. “Tru-D offers an important added line of defense that will ensure enhanced patient outcomes.”

St. Francis Hospital, Topeka, Kansas

Tru-D helps protect patients at St. Francis Hospital in Topeka, Kansas.

Tru-D on FOX News

FOX News talks about how Tru-D is aiding in the ‘war on germs’ at hospitals across the country.

UnityPoint Health

UnityPoint leadership discusses how Tru-D serves as added ammunition for protecting both patients and staff.

HOI 19 ABC – UnityPoint Health

Local Peoria, Illinois news station ABC 19 visited UnityPoint Health to discuss how they are using Tru-D as an added line of defense against hospital-acquired infections.

Sarasota Memorial Hospital

Greg Rosenberger speaks to Sarasota, Florida’s ABC Action News about the hospital’s frequent use of Tru-D to disinfect critical areas.

FOX News – ‘Germbot’ Deployed 

Here’s another look at FOX News coverage of Tru-D’s role in the ‘war on germs.’

Memphis Robots Fighting Ebola

When, Tru-D deployed to Liberia, we talked to our local station WMC-TV Action News 5 about the effort to assist struggling hospitals in one of the most severe areas in West Africa.

Tru-D on France24’s #Tech24

Anelise Borges speaks with Dr. Deal about sending Tru-D to Liberia to aid in the fight against Ebola.

Tru-D on The Doctors

Tru-D visited the set of The Doctors. Check out this video to learn how UV disinfection is changing infection control efforts at hospitals around the country.

Tru-D Demonstration

Tru-D SmartUVC is the leading UV disinfection robot on the market today. This video explains, and demonstrates, why Tru-D is changing infection prevention in health care settings.

Client Testimonial

Vancouver General Hospital took advantage of Tru-D’s intuitive germ-eliminating technologies early on. Check out this client testimonial to learn more about why Tru-D is the best choice for hospitals.

Tru-D SmartUVC as seen on NBC News

NBC News reports on how Tru-D is helping to eliminate a worldwide threat—the growing Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

  • Tru-D was the obvious choice because we wanted something that was easy to use and reduced the probability of human error. We love the fact that our Tru-D robot doesn’t need to be repositioned to disinfect a specific area within a room.

    Mary Parry

    COO of Oneida Health Systems

  • We strive to ‘stay ahead of the curve’ when it comes to patient safety, so when evaluating disinfection processes, UVC application was a natural next step. Tru-D’s ability to assess the space and antimicrobial UV dosage was key in this decision.

    Mae Eichelberger

    Gibson Area Hospital

  • Having Tru-D in our facility helps ensure we are providing the safest environment possible for our patients and staff. We are consistently looking for proactive measures that we can take to remain on the leading-edge of technology and patient safety. Our environmental staff does an excellent job with...

    Jennifer Kramer

    Chief Clinical Officer of Wray Community Hospital

  • Using an iPad outside the room, our staff turns on Tru-D remotely and begins a single disinfection cycle. The robot is able to compensate for room variables such as size, shape and contents to deliver the precise dose of UV energy needed throughout the entire room. The technology...

    Josh Moore

    Vice President of Operations at Archbold Medical Center

  • Tru-D is the only UV disinfection system on the market that has been evaluated for effectiveness in a randomized clinical trial — conducted by Duke and funded by the CDC. We are pleased to now be able to offer this infection prevention technology to our patients and to...

    Gar Atchison

    CEO of Frye Regional Medical Center

  • The Sensor360® technology set Tru-D apart. Rather than estimating the necessary UVC dose or moving a unit to multiple placements in a room, Tru-D is able to provide a measured dose of UVC light to provide disinfection from a single cycle in a single location.

    Greg Rosenberger

    Hospitality Services Director of Sarasota Memorial Hospital in Sarasota, Florida