Work Smarter, Not Harder, When It Comes to UV Disinfection

Posted by Tru-D SmartUVC 08.24.16

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UV disinfection should make your life easier, not more difficult, when it comes to keeping patients and staff safe and germ-free. Tru-D is the perfect complement to any EVS team, allowing the staff to work smarter–not harder.

Consider this. Tru-D’s average cycle time ranges from 15-35 minutes. While Tru-D is busy ridding the room of harmful germs and pathogens, EVS workers are free to complete other tasks. The robot sends them an alert when the cycle is complete, and they can move Tru-D to the next room. This gives the EVS worker 13-33 minutes of productive time during the disinfection cycle.

Other UV robots claim to have shorter cycle times, but shorter doesn’t mean better. Fixed cycle times not only lead to inefficient disinfection and missed areas, but they greatly affect workflow. With fixed cycle times and multiple positions, EVS workers have to move the robot roughly every 5 minutes. Meaning, there are only 4 minutes of productive time between positionings.

On the flip side, an EVS worker can position Tru-D and start a cycle in 2 minutes, leave the room to complete other tasks and return 13-33 minutes later when the cycle is complete, meaning 2 minutes of non-productive time per room. And unlike other robots, Tru-D doesn’t require any warmup or cool down, shortening room turnover time.

To read more about Tru-D’s technology, click here.

Posted 08.24.16
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