The foundation for the success of the Tru-D SmartUVC portfolio of UVC disinfection products is the ability to measure the precise UVC dose needed for thorough room disinfection, resulting in the ability to disinfect in both direct (line of sight) and indirect (shadowed) areas.

From the Tru-D Classic device to the new Tru-D iQ disinfection system, Tru-D SmartUVC’s technology will never compromise the required time to deliver an adequate disinfecting UVC dose to ensure microorganism inactivation — this means that cycle times will vary from room to room, depending on the UVC dose needed in the space.

How does it work?

While other disinfection systems may deliver some UVC energy, they don’t compensate for room variables such as size, geometry, surface reflectivity and the amount and location of contents in the room. The Tru-D device’s system measures, analyzes and delivers the proper dose of UVC energy to consistently and effectively disinfect every hard, nonporous surface in a room, even in high-touch, shadowed areas.

Other UVC offerings disinfect only line-of-sight surfaces very close to the machine and recommend moving the machine to multiple positions during the disinfection process. On the other hand, the Tru-D device measures the proper dose of UVC energy that reaches the walls and is reflected back to the robot, so the entire room is disinfected without moving the device.

The science that backs it up

Both the Tru-D Classic device and the new iQ system have been tested for their efficacy in shadowed areas. To read about the Tru-D Classic device’s efficacy in shadowed areas, click here. Read on to learn about the Tru-D iQ system.

The testing for the iQ system for indirect exposure and log reduction was achieved in a laboratory-controlled setting. The iQ device was set in a centralized location of a room >70 square feet. Test carriers were inoculated with standardized inoculum (~106 CFU/ml) of organisms and placed 2.5’ away from walls or the iQ device with a barrier between the device and the inoculated carrier—creating a shadowed area from the device. The iQ device was run for a single cycle and the carrier then removed and cultured utilizing standard microbiological methods.

The iQ Tower and iQ Scout each achieved a >99.99% reduction in Staphylococcus aureus and a >99% reduction of Clostridioides difficile in shadowed areas.1


The Sensor360® technology of the Tru-D SmartUVC product portfolio provides the ability to control and monitor the amount of UVC in a space, and ensures the proper dose of UVC is emitted for complete, thorough room disinfection. This technology is backed by multiple, third-party, independent pieces of scientific literature as well as well-documented and controlled lab testing. When comparing various UVC disinfection devices, it’s important to consider whether the technology is capable of disinfection in shadowed areas, and if there is adequate data to back up the claims.

To learn more about the Tru-D iQ system, click here.


  1. Independent lab results on file.