The Evolution of Intelligent UVC Disinfection

Introducing Tru-D iQ, the next level of smart disinfection by Tru-D SmartUVC.

The Smart UVC Solution

Since 2007, Tru-D SmartUVC has been a leader in the UV space with intelligent, intuitive disinfection solutions. With the new iQ system, Tru-D SmartUVC’s smart, layered approach to cleaning and disinfection can be implemented in more spaces than ever before, while still maintaining high efficacy and detailed reporting.

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The Evolution of UVC Intelligence

Tru-D SmartUVC has a UVC solution tailored for your needs.

Tru D Tower UV Light

Approved by Science

Tru-D SmartUVC's innovative UVC disinfection methods have been shown to be effective against microorganisms on hard, nonporous surfaces as part of a comprehensive disinfection strategy.


UVC360 covers the latest news about UVC and Tru-D SmartUVC, cutting-edge disinfection technology that helps ensure health care facilities are as clean as possible.

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“The Sensor360® technology set Tru-D apart. Rather than estimating the necessary UVC dose or moving a unit to multiple placements in a room, Tru-D is able to provide a measured dose of UVC light to provide disinfection from a single cycle in a single location.”
Greg Rosenberger Hospitality Services Director 
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A PDI Solution

Since 2019, Tru-D SmartUVC has been a valued part of the PDI family, enhancing the efficiency of disinfection with its layered approach.