Measured Dosing

Ensures thorough disinfection outcomes with each and every treatment

Motion Sensors

Passive infrared (PIR) sensors detect human motion to help mitigate entry 

Analytics and Reporting

Real-time operator insights through
Tru-D SmartHUB

Tru-D PDI layered approach

Layered Approach

Enhance your disinfection program with UVC technology and provide more comprehensive cleaning throughout your facility.

our layered approach
  1. Establishing standardized, evidence-based policies & protocols
  2. Choosing appropriate disinfection products
  3. No-touch, whole room solution
  4. Staff education
  5. Compliance monitoring and feedback
Tru D ongoing education

Empower your EVS

Our educational resources and continued support maximize the value of your investment.

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“The staff loves having ownership of the Tru-D program, and they feel the organization values them for investing in this tool.”
Melissa Morgan Senior System-wide Director of Infection Prevention and Sterile Processing for Cone Health

How It Works

Learn how UVC inactivates microorganisms

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