Measured Dosing

Ensures thorough disinfection outcomes with each and every treatment

Motion Sensors

Passive infrared (PIR) sensors detect human motion to help mitigate entry 

Analytics and Reporting

Real-time operator insights through
Tru-D SmartHUB

Tru-D PDI layered approach

Layered Approach

Enhance your disinfection program with UVC technology and provide more comprehensive cleaning throughout your facility.

our layered approach
  1. Establishing standardized, evidence-based policies & protocols
  2. Choosing appropriate disinfection products
  3. No-touch, whole room solution
  4. Staff education
  5. Compliance monitoring and feedback

Empower your Team

Our educational resources and continued support maximize the value of your investment.

“Since we got the (Tru-D) robot at the beginning of this year, we’ve used it over 800 times. We use it everywhere — in both the large animal and small animal areas.”
Pam Douglas Texas A&M

How It Works

Learn how UVC inactivates microorganisms

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