“The staff loves having ownership of the Tru-D program, and they feel the organization values them for investing in this tool.”
Melissa Morgan Senior System-wide Director
“Using a [tablet] outside the room, our staff turns on Tru-D remotely and begins a single disinfection cycle. The robot is able to compensate for room variables such as size, shape and contents to deliver the precise dose of UV energy needed throughout the entire room.”
Josh Moore Vice President of Operations
“The Sensor360® technology set Tru-D apart. Rather than estimating the necessary UVC dose or moving a unit to multiple placements in a room, Tru-D is able to provide a measured dose of UVC light to provide disinfection from a single cycle in a single location.”
Greg Rosenberger Hospitality Services Director 
“The ability to track cycles helps us improve our workflow and efficiencies.”
Greg Rosenburger Hospitality Services Director 
“We want to ensure that one of the most contaminated spaces are as clean as possible”
Melissa Morgan Senior System-wide Director 
“We received positive feedback from staff who had hands-on experience with (the Tru-D iQ system). The team commented on the system’s ease of transport and how cycle times improved compared to the Tru-D Classic device.”
Natasha Pabon Operations Manager, Environmental Services
“A key takeaway from the operators was that the need to position the device is gone (with the Tru-D iQ system). The Dynamic Dosing feature that shifts UVC output makes a huge difference.”
Natasha Pabon Operations Manager, Environmental Services
“Since we got the (Tru-D) robot at the beginning of this year, we’ve used it over 800 times. We use it everywhere — in both the large animal and small animal areas.”
Pam Douglas Texas A&M
“Even though we clean, Tru-D is an enhancement to our disinfection process. There are many people here who are trained to run Tru-D besides our department. All of the controls are on an iPad.”
Pam Dougles Texas A&M Veterinary
“The Tru-D iQ Scout will complement the outstanding work that our environmental services team does to inactivate unwanted microorganisms that may linger in a room and will work in tandem with our Tru-D Classic device to enhance the cleanliness of our facility.

Roxanne Schottel CEO
“The investment in this innovative technology is simply another way that we’re working to ensure our environment is as clean as possible.”
Roxannd Schottel CEO

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