Tru D iQ System

Tru-D iQ System for UVC Disinfection

Why use UVC to disinfect? Ultraviolet-C wavelengths are between 200 and 300 nanometers, making them germicidal – meaning they are capable of inactivating microorganisms, such as bacteria and viruses. 

Does this replace manual cleaning? No. The iQ system is designed to complement a facility’s comprehensive cleaning and disinfection program. It doesn’t replace the work of manual cleaning; rather, it provides an added layer of disinfection.  Once the room is cleaned with traditional cleaning methods, the iQ devices are used in the room to ensure no microorganisms are left behind. It’s an added layer of disinfection. 

What makes the Tru-D devices unique? The Tru-D SmartUVC portfolio of products is the only intelligent disinfection system with Sensor360® technology that measures and calculates an accurately timed UVC cycle for each unique room.  

What does the iQ system consist of? The iQ system has three components—Tru-D iQ Tower, Tru-D iQ Scout and Tru-D iQ Controller—that together make for one of the most advanced UVC systems available for disinfection of any space.  

  • Tower is the most powerful, advanced, intelligent component of the iQ system. It can be used by itself or together with its smaller counterpart, Scout.  
  • Scout is the most compact, maneuverable component of the iQ system which still provides powerful UVC disinfection. It can be used by itself for small spaces with the Controller. Scout nestles into the Tower for ease of transportation.  
  • The Controller is the mobile command center for all iQ disinfection devices. For transportation, it can be docked onto the Tower. When utilizing alone, Scout can also dock onto the Controller.  

What makes the system “smart?” The Tru D iQ system of connected devices can dynamically adapt to right-size, administering a powerful dose of UVC to a wide range of space types. This provides trusted disinfection with remarkable speed, both streamlining the workflow and minimizing operator downtime. 

How long has this technology been around? Tru-D SmartUVC brought the first automated, no-touch UVC disinfection device to market in 2007. However, UVC energy has been used for decades as an effective way to inactivate microorganisms. 

What makes iQ Tower different from the Tru-D Classic device? With improved cycle times, Dynamic Dosing capabilities, Flux Acceleration and an auto-deployed bulb array in a sleek, compact design, the iQ Tower continues the Tru-D SmartUVC tradition and commitment to enhanced, thorough room disinfection. Dynamic Dosing and Flux Acceleration make the iQ Tower powerful, decisive and precise. These features allow for minimal warm-up time as the lamps rise and the ability to shift output among the bulbs to ensure efficient UVC dosing. There are also added safety features to minimize the risk of UVC exposure. 

Why did you develop the iQ system? The iQ system was developed to provide users with a smarter, faster UVC disinfection device that is versatile for use in a wide range of spaces, both large and small. 

How does the iQ system function? Once the devices are deployed by the Controller, the bulb arrays for both Tower and Scout rise from the base. This not only provides protection for the bulbs during transportation, but it ensures maximum UVC exposure throughout the room. 

How does the device provide disinfection data? The Tru-D SmartHUB is an all-inclusive, web-based application that provides authorized users with the data, tools and resources needed to ensure each facility gets the most out of their enhanced disinfection program with the use of the Tru-D iQ system. Both Scout and Tower connect to the Tru-D SmartHUB reporting system. Data is transformed into actionable information for optimized management and offers an element of predictive maintenance. The Controller transmits data between the iQ devices and the Tru-D SmartHUB for instant access to information. 

What microorganisms is the device effective against? The iQ system allows facilities to confidently clean virtually any environment by inactivating microorganisms such as SARS-CoV-2, Clostridioides difficile, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida auris and influenza A (H1N1).  

Is UVC harmful? No one can be in the room while a Tru-D SmartUVC device is in operation, and there are multiple safety barriers to prevent entry in the room while a cycle is being completed. The iQ System is equipped with PIR motion sensors that abort the cycle if it senses a heat profile and motion in a room. However, it’s safe to view the devices through glass—UVC energy cannot penetrate glass. Also, with the iQ System, the motion sensors are not going to trigger through glass, so there is no reason to cover the windows. 

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