It has been an exciting year for Tru-D SmartUVC and the launch of the all-new Tru-D iQ system.

To close out 2023 and the remnant of a global pandemic, Chuck Dunn, president of Tru-D SmartUVC was interviewed on how the new Tru-D iQ system alleviates challenges our customers face with innovation and exemplary service.

“Specific challenge the customer faced: Since 2007, PDI Healthcare’s Tru-D SmartUVC has provided customers with an enhanced disinfection solution to ensure a clean environment. While the Tru-D Classic UVC disinfection device has proven effective and easy to use in facilities, we realized there is always room for improvement. Specific items that customers expressed wanting with a new UVC system included the following:

  1. Decreased cycle times
  2. A portable device for disinfection of small spaces
  3. Additional safety features to minimize risk of UVC exposure
  4. Improved ease of use

How the challenge was addressed and solved directly or by assisting the customer: Tru-D SmartUVC launched the all-new Tru-D iQ system in the spring of 2023. We addressed customers’ needs with many new features and upgraded technology to decrease cycle times, address the need for a portable disinfection device and provide added safety features.

The new Tru-D iQ Tower has several features that help it to reduce cycle time including Dynamic Dosing, which is a method of shifting available lamp power away from areas of high reflectivity to areas of lower reflectivity. By directing this excess energy in the direction of lower dose sensors, UVC energy is optimized in less reflective areas in a room, and cycle times are reduced. Tower also has Flux Acceleration, which ensures bulb peak performance by preheating to optimal operating temperature and minimizing bulb startup time.

Tru-D iQ Scout is the solution for disinfection of small spaces, such as bathrooms. By placing Scout in a bathroom while Tower runs in an adjacent room, you can reduce the cycle time by allowing for more energy to be emitted in the primary room. We also incorporated several new safety features including:

  1. MotionSense: Tru-D iQ Tower and Tru-D iQ Scout are equipped with PIR sensors that recognize the heat signature of human motion and/or presence in the space and respond by preventing UVC from being emitted if motion is detected before or during a cycle.
  2. DoorSense: The Tru-D iQ Controller utilizes a UVC sensor to ensure UVC is not present outside of the room. If the UVC sensor on the controller outside the room senses UVC, it shuts down the UVC bulbs on the primary device being used.
  3. Safety Barriers: The Controller acts as a barrier outside the room to prevent entry along with other redundant safety features to minimize the risk of entry into the room during a UVC cycle.”

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