Since 1944, Plymouth Place™ has been a cornerstone in the La Grange, Illinois, area, continually reshaping the senior living experience. Founded on the values of generosity, kindness and respect, its retirement community is a celebration of the individual’s right to live life to its fullest.

Its unwavering focus is to foster true independence and daily fulfillment, allowing residents to chart their own courses. Vibrant social gatherings and lifelong learning opportunities abound, complemented by premium amenities that inspire healthy living.

UVC technology enhances cleaning protocols for Plymouth Place

In 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, a donor sponsored the acquisition of a Tru-D Classic device for Plymouth Place.

The Tru-D Classic device is an automated UVC disinfection robot that is used after a room is cleaned with traditional cleaning methods to ensure no microorganisms are left behind. Using UVC light energy, the robot compensates for room variables, such as size, shape and contents, to ensure the proper dose of UVC light is administered for each unique space. It’s used in conjunction with manual cleaning to provide an enhanced layer of disinfection.

Katie Freese

Katie Freese, senior director of support services for Plymouth Place, and Natalie Kallis, assistant director of facilities for Plymouth Place, sat down to discuss how the Tru-D device makes a difference in their facility.

Freese is a registered and licensed dietitian, graduating from Eastern Illinois University with a bachelor’s degree in applied science, and earning her MBA at Lewis University in Romeoville, Illinois. Katie has more than 30 years of health care experience that includes managing food service, housekeeping and laundry; patient registration and central scheduling for advanced imaging; and managing the logistics of large construction projects.

Natalie Kallis

Natalie Kallis is assistant director of facilities at Plymouth Place, where her role is to support the director of facilities, overseeing environmental services and the maintenance of buildings and grounds.

Where is the Tru-D device used in your facility?

Plymouth Place uses the Tru-D device in independent living resident areas, the therapy office, salon and other public places.

How do you educate guests on what the technology is and how it works?

When we first got the Tru-D device, we did “fireside chats,” during which we got groups of residents together and had the device on hand to show them what it looks and sounds like. Even now, when we’re rolling it around, people comment that it looks like R2D2.

We explain to our guests that it kills unwanted microorganisms. Some family members have specifically requested that the Tru-D device be used in a room before they or their loved one occupies the room.

How has having this technology changed perceptions at the facility?

There are not many senior living facilities that have these kinds of devices. The residents feel very special that we have this. Even now, people just want to know about it when they see it.

At Plymouth Place, our goal is to provide exemplary living. Having a Tru-D device program is just another way that separates Plymouth Place from other senior living organizations.

To learn more about the Tru-D device, click here.


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