Jennifer Picker, Manager of Program Management for Tru-D SmartUVC

Tracking usage of the Tru-D device is key to ensure all targeted rooms are being cycled. Tru-D provides weekly/monthly/quarterly reports upon request to monitor the usage of the device. Joint Review calls following installation are also important to keep the Tru-D program as a high priority and hold key people accountable.

Steps to a meaningful UVC disinfection program include:

- Documenting a baseline of infection for priority microorganisms that will be the focus of the program.

- Gather facility data for the previous 6-12 months which can be facility-tracked or publicly-reported.

- Document the date of implementation. Prior to and during the first stages of implementation, barriers will be overcome, workflow will be streamlined and communication gaps will be solved. We call this a “wash” period. Once the “wash” period is complete, official data can be tracked.

- Measure the utilization of Tru-D against the microorganisms(s) you intend to focus on. The Tru-D portal will show the number of times Tru-D has been used against which microorganisms, room number, operator, etc. Agreement on the percentage goal of utilization must occur prior to or during implementation, and utilization is correlated to the reduction or microorganisms.

- Review calls are necessary to discuss the process and overcome any barriers that may arise. Setting up time to talk about utilization and infections rates is key to a successful UVC disinfection program.

If you follow these steps, your facility will be on track for a successful UVC disinfection implementation and program. For more information about Tru-D, click here or to contact us, e-mail