Recently, we wrote about the history behind the innovation of the Tru-D iQ system and how Tru-D SmartUVC took the voices of our customers into consideration when we developed the new product portfolio.

One aspect of disinfection that we wanted to address with the iQ system is cycle time. While Tru-D devices will never sacrifice thorough disinfection for a shorter cycle time, there are several features that are incorporated into the iQ system that help to reduce cycle time.

Dynamic Dosing

Dynamic Dosing is a method of shifting available lamp power away from areas of high reflectivity to areas of lower reflectivity. The Tru-D iQ Tower's UVC sensor that registers the lowest intensity value effectively determines the cycle time for a Tru-D iQ device. UVC sensors that register higher reflected energy will reach the assigned dose value much faster, meaning energy is wasted long after that sensor has achieved the programmed dose.

By directing this excess energy in the direction of lower dose sensors, UVC energy is optimized in less reflective areas in a room, and cycle times are reduced. This method of power distribution also has the effect of autonomously "optimizing" Tower’s placement within a room, meaning cycle times will be more consistent and predictable no matter where the device is positioned within a room. Effectively, there is no reason a mobile UVC device should have to functionally move around the room since dynamic dosing is completing the task from one position. Additionally, this will shorten the learning curve for operators as finding optimal device placement is less important.

Tru-D iQ Scout

The most compact, maneuverable component of the iQ system is Scout, which is ideal for small spaces, such as bathrooms. By placing Scout in a bathroom while Tower runs in an adjacent room, you can reduce the cycle time by allowing for more energy to be emitted in the primary room.

With the Tru-D Classic device, the bathroom door is typically left open, and the device takes whatever time is necessary to disinfect both the primary room and the adjacent bathroom. By adding Scout, Tower can focus on the larger space while Scout ensures the small space is thoroughly disinfected using the same powerful UVC technology. 

Flux Acceleration

Flux acceleration ensures bulb peak performance by preheating to optimal operating temperature and minimizing bulb startup time. As the iQ system’s bulbs rise, the bulbs are preheated so that when ready to begin a cycle, there is minimal time needed to heat up the bulbs to the ideal operating temperature.

Tru-D SmartHUB

With the all-inclusive Tru-D SmartHUB portal, hundreds of checkpoints are analyzed and reported in real-time to centrally managed databases during daily use. This allows a proactive approach to maintenance by predicting potential failures and tracking critical preventative maintenance intervals. Equipment downtime is thereby reduced or eliminated.

Further, the SmartHUB takes the guesswork out of choosing a cycle type (maximum vs. efficiency); therefore, eliminating time spent determining how to set up the device.

Lastly, SmartHUB drives compliance with operators by documenting plug in to unplug time (meaning usage and idle time), which can help track usage and optimize a disinfection program.

To learn more about the iQ system, click here.