[caption id="attachment_11737" align="alignleft" width="174"]Jennifer-Picker Jennifer Picker, Manager of Program Management for Tru-D SmartUVC[/caption] Hospitals are constantly asked to do more with less—less time, less money, less space. Proper cleaning and monitoring of cleanliness require adequate time. According to studies, more than 5% of health care surfaces are not properly disinfected, leaving behind microorganisms in the environment. However, cutting cleaning time can leave behind unwanted microorganisms. Cutting corners for time can range from no disinfecting at all (trash and dash) to disinfecting only high-touch points. The AHE states that “Time adjustments may be needed due to factors such as the size of the room, number of high-touch surfaces and the amount of furniture in the room…” While the recommended cleaning time in 2009 was 25-30 minutes for an occupied patient room and 40-45 minutes for a terminal clean, more microorganisms have emerged, which means more time should be taken to ensure these  are eradicated. In addition to adequate time, EVS workers should receive adequate training on various components of proper cleaning including dry/dwell time for disinfectants. Proper cleaning of health care environments should be a top priority for hospitals, and this does not happen without a strong EVS team who is dedicated to cleaning a room thoroughly. The emergence of highly-resistant microorganisms means that health care facilities, not just hospitals, need to look forward at what changes can be made now to help in the future. The current cleaning practices are not enough; facilities need to spend the time and money to educate their staff on disinfection practices, and chemical awareness and reevaluate the time constraints administration puts on environmental service workers to turn rooms faster. No-touch disinfection such as Tru-D is one way that health care facilities can help to ensure the environment has been adequately disinfected. Do you have questions or comments on the importance of cleaning a room? Leave a comment or e-mail us at info@tru-d.com.