This is the third in a blog series by Alice Brewer, Clinical Affairs Director for Tru-D SmartUVC.

Tru-D partners with facilities to address one, common goal—to make environments cleaner.

In order to accomplish this, we work with facilities to create comprehensive disinfection programs tailored to each facility’s needs. First, it’s important to identify priorities that will be the focus of the program.

Prior to and after implementation, Tru-D SmartUVC will help your facility overcome any barriers and streamline workflow to ensure a successful program. Tru-D SmartUVC then provides weekly/monthly/quarterly reports upon request to monitor the usage of the device. Joint Review calls following installation are also important to keep the Tru-D program as a high priority and hold key people accountable.

If you follow these steps, your facility will be on track for a successful UVC disinfection implementation and program. For more information about Tru-D SmartUVC, contact us at