The Tru-D iQ system offers an uncompromising commitment to safety by reducing the incidence of human error and inactivating unwanted microorganisms in a wide range of space types. Multiple sensor technologies minimize operator errors and mitigate risk of UVC exposure.

The iQ system is equipped with enhanced safety features including Safety Barriers, DoorSense and passive infrared (PIR) motion sensors that recognize human heat signatures and motion and prevent UVC emission if detected within the space.

MotionSense: Tru-D iQ Tower and Tru-D iQ Scout are equipped with PIR sensors that recognize the heat signature of human motion and/or presence in the space and respond by preventing UVC from being emitted if motion is detected before or during a cycle.

DoorSense: The Tru-D iQ Controller utilizes a UVC sensor to ensure UVC is not present outside of the room. If the UVC sensor on the controller outside the room senses UVC, it shuts down the UVC bulbs on the primary device being used.

Safety Barriers: The Controller acts as a barrier outside the room to prevent entry along with other redundant safety features to minimize the risk of entry into the room during a UVC cycle.

Door sashes and floor signs are provided for additional safety measures and awareness that a hospital is utilizing enhanced UV disinfection in the space.

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