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A new year ushers in an opportunity to put a new focus on cleaning and disinfection to ensure the highest levels of cleanliness in your facility, which is crucial to maintain a sanitary environmen.

Here are some strategies to emphasize and enhance cleaning and disinfection practices in the health care setting:

  1. Establish Clear Protocols:
  • Develop and communicate clear cleaning and disinfection protocols that are easy to understand and follow.
  • Clearly outline responsibilities for different staff members and departments to ensure accountability.

Training and Education:

  • Provide comprehensive training for all staff involved in cleaning and disinfection procedures.
  • Regularly update training programs to incorporate the latest guidelines and best practices.

Use of Appropriate Products:

  • Select and use appropriate and effective disinfectants.
  • Ensure that cleaning products used are compatible with the surfaces and equipment in the health care facility.

Technology and Innovation:

  • Explore new technologies, such as UVC disinfection systems, to supplement traditional cleaning methods.
  • Stay informed about advancements in cleaning and disinfection technology and incorporate them as appropriate.

Frequency of Cleaning:

  • Establish a routine cleaning schedule for different areas within the facility, with a focus on high-touch surfaces.
  • Increase cleaning frequency and use enhanced protocols in areas where needed.

Disinfection Team:

  • Empower and support the team responsible for cleaning and disinfection.
  • Ensure an adequate number of staff members are available to meet the cleaning needs of the facility.

Monitoring and Auditing:

  • Implement regular audits and inspections to assess the effectiveness of cleaning and disinfection practices.
  • Use checklists and documentation to track cleaning activities and UVC device usage to identify areas for improvement.

Collaboration with Internal Teams:

  • Foster collaboration between the disinfection team and other internal teams and departments.
  • Ensure a coordinated approach to address emerging microorganisms and threats to  cleanliness.

Promote a Culture of Safety:

  • Emphasize the importance of cleaning and disinfection as part of a broader culture of safety within the healthcare facility.
  • Make sure staff is trained on proper use of products and technologies to mitigate risk of injury.


  • Educate about the importance of disinfection and cleanliness.
  • Provide resources and information on the protocols your facility has in please to ensure proper disinfection.

By incorporating these strategies, facilities can create a robust framework for maintaining a clean environment. To learn more about how the Tru-D iQ system can complement your disinfection program, click here.


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