I Q Full System Group 1 Bulbs On

While the Tru-D iQ system builds on the technology and efficacy of the Tru-D Classic device, there are some notable differences that Tru-D SmartUVC incorporated to address customers’ needs and feedback.

Decreased cycle times: Cycle times with the Tru-D iQ Tower are 20-40% faster than the Tru-D Classic device, allowing for more cycles to be completed throughout the day as well as decrease room turnover time. This is achieved by Tower’s Dynamic Dosing, which shifts output among the bulbs, as well as Flux Acceleration that decreases warmup time and more powerful amalgam UVC lamps.

Enhanced safety features: The Tru-D iQ system utilizes several additional safety features to mitigate risk of UVC exposure. These include motion sensors on both Tower and Scout as well as a UVC sensor on the Controller which can detect any UVC that is emitted from the room as well as an automatic shutoff function. Similar to the Tru-D Classic device, there are also door sashes and barriers to prevent entry.

New features for ease of use: Tower has steer lock and lock in-place casters for easier transport and secure placement. Tower’s Dynamic Dosing feature also assists with easier placement within the room, leaving less guesswork for the operator. There are no covers to remove, and the device is shorter in height, so it’s easier to transport. Charging challenges with tablets on the Tru-D Classic device are overcome by Controller’s ability to charge while docked to Tower. Additionally, the Controller is pre-loaded with room and cycle information for minimal decisions needed to be made by the operator.

Smarter reporting and data: Tower connects to the Tru-D SmartHUB, which provides improved reporting, customized dashboards and protocols, predictive maintenance alerts and an improved customer experience.

Bluetooth connectivity: Tower uses Bluetooth connectivity rather than WiFi, which enhances connection between devices and reduces downtime. The disinfection information is uploaded to the Tru-D SmartHUB in real time for quick and easy data collection and analyzation.

Looking to upgrade from the Tru-D Classic to the Tru-D iQ system? Get in touch with our team for a free trial: info@tru-d.com.

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