Chance WebbToday, we’re introducing you to another one of our field service technicians as part of our “Voices of the Field” series. Click here to read our first post about Nick Butler. As a Tru-D support specialist (TSS), Chance Webb’s role includes training operators on the Tru-D device and speaking with various departments to build out a UVC program. He also assists the sales managers with maintaining existing account programs and relationships. Lastly, he and his colleagues service the Tru-D devices and perform repairs and maintenance for both hardware and software issues. Webb has seen first-hand that UVC programs vary from hospital to hospital. “For instance, Duke University has a dedicated UV team, which enables the facility to be more accurate with where they’re running the devices and with hitting utilization goals,” Webb said. “In a more traditional hospital setting, it’s important to get buy-in from both the EVS management and from other departments such as nursing. Once you get EVS working with and wanting to use the Tru-D device, a lot of nurses will then buy in and want the Tru-D technology used to disinfect the environment.” Webb said that if you have a hospital with two departments that communicate well, that’s what will provide a recipe for success with a UVC disinfection program.  “Most facilities have their own reports about what microorganisms are present in which rooms,” Webb added. “Having accurate information on UVC cycles performed enables you to cross-reference those documents.” As for tips for UVC success, Webb suggests starting with realistic goals, such as focusing on all C. diff rooms or other microorganisms. “Talk with the Tru-D SmartUVC team about how best to start a UVC program depending on how big your hospital is and what your goals are,” he said. “Consulting first with the team and trying to figure out a stable approach before you expand into other areas of the hospital will help ensure a successful UVC program.” Stay tuned to hear more from our TSS team. To learn more about Tru-D technology, click here.