Nick ButlerWe’re happy to feature our field service technicians in a new series called “Voices of the Field.” As a technical service technician (TSS) for Tru-D SmartUVC, Nick Butler is responsible for covering the southwest U.S. and performing in-service, training, and preventative maintenance for Tru-D customers in the area. But, what does that exactly mean? “I’m here to maintain the Tru-D devices, make sure they’re running well, and address any issues,” Butler said. Butler said the position also has a large customer service component. “I also train the EVS staff on how to operate the Tru-D device as well as continue to cultivate and maintain the relationship with the facility so the sales team can focus on their roles,” he added. In Butler’s experience, having a consistent staff with low turnover at a health care facility can be critical to a successful UVC program. “Working in a hospital, you’re on the front lines,” he said. “Some people couldn’t continue to work in the hospital because they didn’t want to expose their families to COVID-19. But the main thing is the consistency of the staff and being there for a long period of time, so the staff is completely bought into the program.” Butler believes a successful implementation needs consistency and proper training because these go hand in hand. “You need proper training in order for the staff to be consistent with following the disinfection program correctly,” he said. Butler stressed that the Tru-D technology is a complement to a hospital’s EVS team and does not replace manual cleaning. “This device is not meant to take someone’s job,” he said. “I’ve seen a lot of different automation technologies take over people’s jobs, but this device is there to assist what you’re already doing in terms of cleaning and disinfection. The Tru-D device is not there to replace the hard work that the EVS department is doing.” Stay tuned to hear more from our TSS team. To learn more about Tru-D technology, click here.

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