During the COVID-19 pandemic, facilities of all types started purchasing UVC disinfection systems for added cleanliness. Now, a lingering question is how are you leveraging your UVC disinfection device?

Steps in implementing a successful UVC disinfection program:


Most importantly, there must be communication between departments to identify the facility's most pertinent disinfection needs. Setting attainable goals between these departments is important for accountability and establishing expectations. Assigning a champion and recognizing UVC disinfection as a top priority will assist in hardwiring a successful new program.


Working through logistics in the cleaning department can be challenging when you first change your UVC program. Setting time aside to train new employees on the functionality of the UVC device and establishing expectations from the start are both critical. Don’t forget to communicate with other stakeholders, such as the units in which the devices will be used, to ensure everyone involved has a consistent message.


Consider adding UVC disinfection to other areas of your facility such as bathrooms, employee work areas or hallways. These spaces can be disinfected with UVC on a rotational schedule, such as monthly or quarterly, to ensure they are receiving an extra layer of cleaning.

The benefit of partnering with Tru-D:

Tru-D SmartUVC’s Program Management team works with facilities to build programs that have top-down communication among departments that is clearly understood among stakeholders. We train operators on the device as well as empower them to be Tru-D experts and share the importance of using the technology throughout the facility.

 This programmatic approach helps ensure a successful UVC disinfection program that results in enhanced cleanliness.

If you have recently implemented UVC in your facility, we would love to know if you are meeting your goals or if you are interested in learning more. Email us at marketing@tru-d.com and we will connect you with one of our Tru-D SmartUVC specialists today.