Time and staffing are critical commodities, and anything that can be done to improve efficiencies is important.

Just like every room is different, not all UVC disinfection devices are created equal. The Tru-D robot is the only UVC device of its kind with proprietary Sensor360 technology that is able to compensate for room variables such as size, shape and contents by measuring the amount, or dose, of UVC needed to ensure thorough room disinfection.

Other UVC disinfection methods that rely on a fixed cycle time and multiple positions around the room provide inefficient disinfection and missed areas, not to mention they can impede workflow.

The Tru-D device’s Sensor360 technology also minimizes the chance of human error by calculating the time needed to react to room variables and measuring the reflected UVC dose that bounces back to the robot. The Tru-D device then effectively delivers the proper UVC dose during a single cycle from a single, central location in the room.

thorough room disinfection

In addition to providing thorough room disinfection, the ability to disinfect a room from one position can significantly impact the productivity of cleaning staff. With its single placement positioning, the Tru-D device eliminates the need for someone to be available to move the robot to a new location every few minutes. This means that staff can complete other tasks while the Tru-D device finishes disinfecting a room.

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