This is the first of a blog series by Alice Brewer, Clinical Affairs Director for Tru-D SmartUVC.

If your facility is considering adding UVC disinfection to your cleaning protocols, the product should help complement your existing process and not make it more difficult.

Just like every room is different, not all UVC disinfection devices are created equally. The Tru-D robot is the only device of its kind with patented Sensor360 technology allowing it to measure the amount, or dose, of UVC reflected back to the robot to ensure complete room disinfection.

What does that really mean, though? With most devices, disinfection is limited by distance – how close the device is to the surface being disinfected. However, with the Tru-D device, it doesn’t matter how far away the surface is or how many objects are in the room. The Tru-D device takes room variables into account and dispenses UVC until all sensors have received an adequate, reflected dose.  This means that all surfaces in the room are thoroughly disinfected with only one placement. There’s no need to move the Tru-D device from location to location or tether the operator to the machine.

In addition to ensuring complete room disinfection, the ability to disinfect a room from one position can significantly impact the productivity of cleaning staff. The Tru-D device eliminates the need for someone to be available to move the device to a new location every few minutes. Staff can complete other tasks while the device finishes disinfecting a room.

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