Connor Kelly

Today, we’re introducing you to another one of our field service technicians as part of our “Voices of the Field” series. Click here to read our post about Nick Butler and click here to read about Chance Webb.

As a Tru-D Support Specialist (TSS), Connor Kelly describes his role as an extension of the sales team. “We are the ones who go in and plant the device, train the staff and educate everyone from the C-suite level to the cleaning team on how to use and operate the device,” Kelly said.

Top to bottom, Kelly and his TSS colleagues know everything that goes on with a device and can troubleshoot any issue that may arise. “The Tru-D device is very easy to use, but when something is broken, it’s not something just anyone can fix,” Kelly said. “We are the service technicians who come with the service agreement, and we can be anywhere in our respective territories within 48 hours to get a device back up and running.”

Throughout his time as a TSS, Kelly has helped facilities build UVC disinfection programs and has witnessed the importance of having buy-in from all the stakeholders at a facility. He also recognizes the value in the Tru-D portal reports that are generated weekly, monthly and quarterly for customers. “The customers that best leverage the data that Tru-D SmartUVC provides are the users who log in and check the portal more regularly,” Kelly said. “That data can help them any way they see fit, such as showing leadership where and how often the devices are being used.”

Kelly’s best advice for facilities is to have a plan for what you want to accomplish with your UVC device and build a room map. “When a facility gets a Tru-D device, everyone has some idea of which rooms need to be disinfected with UVC,” Kelly said. “However, rooms are going to be needed, and there will be times when the Tru-D device cannot run a cycle in a particular room because it’s occupied. If you have a room map set up and a schedule for the Tru-D device, it’s a lot easier to get to the end of the day and not be derailed by situations that may arise.”

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