San Juan Utahna 1Be sure to read parts one and two of this series to learn how to build a culture of UV within your facility as well as how the Tru-D SmartUVC team helps track the utilization and success of your disinfection program. Your investment in Tru-D technology shows your commitment to cleanliness for those you serve, and our customer service shows our commitment to your long-term success. In this post, we will discuss how the Tru-D SmartUVC team provides unparalleled customer service and support for your Tru-D disinfection program. Tru-D SmartUVC provides technical support across the country as well as continuous training and educational opportunities. Our support hotline is available 24/7 should you have an issue with your Tru-D device. Each Tru-D UVC disinfection system also includes a one-year Service Agreement:
  • Tru-D Web Portal password-protected access to your usage analytics and permanent archive of your data
  • Access to our Loaner Pool
  • Dedicated service 24 hours/7 days per week—Tru-D technicians are available via telephone and email
  • Comprehensive warranty scope for defect or workmanship
  • Within 24 hours of notification of service issue, you will receive a response and resolution plan
  • Within 48 hours, the device will be “back in service” with the onsite repair or if the device requires factory service, a loaner unit will be onsite within 72 hours
  • Remote controller and Door Monitor back up clone onsite in 24 hours
  • Hospital site visit annually for preventative maintenance, sensor calibration, and device tune up
  • Complete Bulb Protection Plan and Replacement bulbs
  • Tru-D App upgrades as released
  • Continuous training and education opportunities
To learn more about Tru-D SmartUVC’s programmatic approach, click here.