Tru D Tower patient room


Tru-D SmartUVC has been a trusted UVC technology provider in health care since 2007, providing enhanced cleanliness for hundreds of prestigious hospitals and health care systems throughout the U.S.

Tru d nurses station

Clinical Settings 

Tru-D devices, including the compact Scout, are perfect for clinical spaces, such as outpatient surgery centers, labs and more, making disinfection more manageable, even in smaller areas.

Tru d educational setting

Educational Institutions 

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Tru-D SmartUVC has become an ally to educational institutions, supplying UVC solutions to schools nationwide for cleaner learning environments.

Emergency vehicle scout

Emergency Vehicles

Scout, a compact component of the iQ system, is ideal for disinfecting smaller spaces, such as emergency vehicles and ambulances.

Low Res Trudy robot

Veterinary Clinics and Teaching Hospitals

The Tru-D devices are being adopted in veterinary clinics across the country, including Texas A&M Veterinary Teaching Hospital, which uses the device as an adjunct to its already stringent cleaning protocols.

5 G5 A3426 Wiping Surface

Long-term Care Facilities

Long-term care facilities require the highest levels of cleanliness for the demographic of the patients they serve. The Tru-D devices are an excellent adjunct to manual cleaning in these facilities to ensure the environment is free of microorganisms.

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